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Event information​ (👉 Japanese)


Yawaruru Chakai ーHina Matsuri ver.ー

We will hold Yawaruru Chakai(Japanese-style tea ceremony)

on March 3.

March 3 is the day of the day of the Dolls' Festival

and it is also ”the day of the goldfish".

Please enjoy "the goldfish drawn with lacquer" and "our Omotenashi" spirit,

Date: March 3, 2019

Venue: Kyuri-an 7th floor (JR Oimach station)

Charge 2,500yen/1person

い・10:50~ (Sold out)

ろ・12:10~ (Sold out)

は・17:30~ (Sold out)

About 1 hour event

Please fill out the 3rd request from the application form below.

Application is not completed at the stage of filling in.

We will send back you the message afterthat, thank you.

There is also correspondence for Japanese-English interpreting service and

participation of the handicapped person. 

Please notify us at the time of application or in advance.


The reservation is fully booked.
Thank you for your participation!

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